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Student Survey

Project Overview

The OxWell Student Survey is an online study that measures the wellbeing of children and young people aged 9–18 years old, allowing us to learn about the many interconnected factors that might be influencing their health and happiness.

The survey is a collaboration between young people, local authorities, schools/colleges, the NHS and the OxWell Study Team at the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry.

OxWell aims to promote better understanding of the mental health and wellbeing of school/college students by:

  • asking pupils about their worries and how they may like to receive support
  • providing schools and services with information about what young people want and need
  • supporting positive change by providing insights about young people’s lives

The questions in the survey address a range of issues relevant to wellbeing, including questions about lifestyle and school life. Factors assessed in the survey include mental wellbeing, anxiety, indictors of vulnerability, sleep patterns, online safety, protective factors such as exercise and healthy eating, and attitudes to accessing mental health support.

Building on the OxWell data collected in 2019 and 2020, significant progress has been made over the past year, particularly in expanding the survey into new areas. In 2021, more than 30,000 students from 180 schools participated, offering localised insights into the experiences of young people. The research generated by the survey is now being used at a national, local and school level to help provide valuable insights into what students need, which factors influence their wellbeing and how they would like to access help if they have mental health difficulties.

The 2023 OxWell survey  took part between 21 February and 21 March 2023.

Participation in the survey was free for all education settings in the following areas: Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Berkshire West, East Berkshire, Oxfordshire.

Brighter Futures Together are working closely with the team at OxWell to offer additional capacity, consultancy and project support to help:

  • improve outward-facing comms about OxWell, including a new website

  • increase stakeholder involvement, including via OxWell Young Champions and Mental Health Support Teams

  • expand the survey into more new areas

  • help support areas to use the data to drive positive change

Our collaboration with OxWell is designed to enable:

  • more students to participate in the survey

  • local areas to be better supported to become more data informed and use the OxWell data to understand pupils’ needs and deliver positive change

  • stakeholders to have greater input in the ongoing development of OxWell’s processes, data dissemination and actions to maximise the data’s impact in local areas

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