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The results are in!

43,734 students from over 200 schools and colleges across England took part in the 2023 OxWell Student Survey!

The OxWell Student Survey is a large-scale annual survey designed to measure the wellbeing (health and happiness) of children and young people aged 9–18 years old.

The questions in the survey address a range of issues relevant to wellbeing, including lifestyle and school life.

Factors assessed include mental wellbeing, anxiety, indictors of vulnerability such as bullying and loneliness, and risky behaviour, school experience, substance usage, sleep patterns, safety including online safety, protective factors (such as exercise and healthy eating), and attitudes to accessing mental health support.

By Patrick Harrison

The research generated by the OxWell survey is used at a national, local and school level.

It provides valuable insights into what students need to thrive, which factors influence their wellbeing and how they would like to access help if they have mental health difficulties.

You can find out all about the early findings by watching the summary video to the left or if you want to explore the results in more detail you can watch the full Early Findings webinar.

Watch the full webinar

To the right you can see the Top Ten Findings from the 30,000 students in years 7-13  who completed OxWell’s online survey in 2023.

Visit the OxWell website to:

  • Find out more about the survey and this year’s findings
  • Learn who can get involved and how
  • Download helpful resources and information
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